What we do

Conveyancing - Purchase

Purchasing a home or investment property can be confusing, with a maze of complex matters that require careful planning and consideration. We will guide you calmly and in plain language that you can understand. Our fees are structured on a flat fee plus disbursements.

We have a long standing policy of providing free contract reviews on all purchase contracts, whether by private treaty or auction.

As part of our service, we carry out the following:

  •   Reviewing the contract.
  •   Explaining the Contract terms to you.
  •   Negotiating amendments to the contracts.
  •   Ordering Governmental enquiries.
  •   Preparation of Transfer.
  •   Liaison with your Bank and Broker and arranging settlement.
  •   Preparation of Transfer.
  •   Preparation of settlement figures, adjusting all rates pro rata
  •   Attending settlement.
  •   Notifying relevant authorities of the change of ownership.
  •   Providing post settlement reports.  

NSW Department of Family and Community Services have published a Guide to Purchasing Your Home and a Home Buyer's Checklist. Both are valuable resources for everyone from first home buyers to experienced investors.

Conveyancing - Sale

When selling your home or investment property, Contracts will need to be prepared before a property can be marketed.

B & M Property Transfers will prepare draft or Auction contracts for the sale of your property usually within 72 hours of receiving your instructions. Our fees are structured on a flat fee basis plus disbursements.

As part of our service, we carry out the following:

  •   Preparation of marketing contracts
  •   Obtaining searches for the contract from Authorities.
  •   Emailing contracts to agents and prospective buyers.
  •   Negotiating contract terms with the Purchasers Conveyancers.
  •   Attending exchange of contracts.
  •   Liaising with your Real Estate Agent.
  •   Arranging Discharge of Mortagage with your financial institution.
  •   Arranging execution of Transfer.
  •   Review of settlement adjustments.
  •   Preparing all documentation for settlement.
  •   Attending settlement.
  •   Banking settlement proceeds in your account (if any).
  •   Providing post settlement reports.

Conveyancing - Refinancing

The NSW State Government provides Stamp Duty relief for those home owners who are refinancing. It has never been easier to change your Bank or Mortgage Provider.

Once your new loan has been approved, we will swiftly take the matter to settlement in the shortest possible time. Again, our fees are on a flat fee plus disbursements basis.

* Picture courtesy of Carney Logan Burke, Architects.